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You might instead include an image of something that represents one of your favorite hobbies, sports, or interests — just be sure to mention a little anecdote about the image to your date or potential date so that they can easily connect you to your card. You may also choose to keep your card design completely minimalist, displaying only your name and phone number.

'Call Me Maybe' Business Cards Used To Pick Up Women

The very sparseness of such a card might make an impression in and of itself. No matter what you choose to include, be sure that you create a tasteful, well-designed card. Jennifer has been apart of the EliteFlyers. Though a person will pick up your door hanger to remove it from their handle, there are a few things you can do to…. Designing can be daunting.

Though you may have an idea in mind, the process of getting from a blank page to a beautiful design can be more difficult than anticipated. Fortunately, there are a few basi….

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In the age where emails RULE, you may think your business may not need letterhead. Though the world is more tech-centered than ever, letterhead still plays an important role in business.

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Here are 4 re…. Elite Flyers Elite Flyers Blog.

Personal “Business” Cards Help You Navigate the New Dating Scene

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Personal business cards dating

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4 Reasons You Need A Business Card - The Importance of Business Cards For Professional Men Video

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Personal business cards dating

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